"My congratulations to your team for an efficient service in providing these amazing pieces of equipment. The rollerfoot has made my life so much easier while I have been non-weight bearing over the past 8 weeks, post an Achilles rupture. The scooter is great for longer distances, particularly outside, but the rollerfoot is amazing for indoors. It is VERY stable and so manoevrable, great in the kitchen and around the house. Best on hard services but still manageable on the carpet. It is like an extension of your hip and you have your hands free to carry or hold things. Its a lot faster and easier than crutches and hands free is fantastic. I also used the rollerfoot at work. I am a physiotherapist so it was easy to manoevere and balance to carry on with my manual work. I have no hesitation in recommending this equipment to all non-weight bearing patients. Give it a go. The scooter is also, equally as valuable."

Jo Eames - Physiotherapist, Bradcliff Breathing Practitioner Vestibular Therapist, New Zealand.

The RollerFoot is a great hands free alternative to crutches and the knee scooter, especially good if you require both hands for work.

Available in a "Combination Hire" with a Knee Scooter

Around home and at the office or your work place, the RollarFoot may be the answer as it is small, light and keeps your hands free.

Scroll down to see YouTube videos of the RollerFoot being used.

  • Move about without the use of hands
  • Work and stay productive
  • Dramatically improve the quality of life during the recovery period
  • Stimulate upper leg muscles in the injured leg and minimize atrophy due to inactivity

The body of the RollerFoot is made of light but strong and durable plastic.

Knee pad has a shock absorbing gel inside a soft, washable sleeve.

Straps firmly attach to the unit by Velcro, so strapping your leg takes a couple of seconds.

The RollerFoot easily fits in the front passenger seat of a car or in the back, behind the seat.